by Don C. Warrington, PhD, P.E., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Introduction Sheet pile design and analysis is an important part of geotechnical engineering, and is well documented in publications such as Sheet Pile Design by Pile Buck. The advent of software such as SPW 911 has made executing this design a much simpler task…

via Basic Configuration of Sheet Pile Design Analysis — Pile Buck Magazine

Basic Configuration of Sheet Pile Design Analysis — Pile Buck Magazine

Geotechnical software company GEOSLOPE is offering a free webinar series on their GeoStudio software. This free, one-time-only, series provides training similar to their paid workshops for SLOPE/W and SEEP/W. The webinar sessions will be once […] The post GeoStudio Fundamentals Webinar Series appeared first on

via GeoStudio Fundamentals Webinar Series —

GeoStudio Fundamentals Webinar Series —

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Inverse Analysis of Driven Pile Capacity in Sands

This is a new paper on the STADYN project.  You can download it here.  The abstract is as follows:

Methods of estimating the capacity of driven piles from dynamic pile top data have been well established for many years. The STADYN program uses a finite element methodology that is different from those currently in use. In this paper this program is applied to a well documented pile scenario of concrete piles driven into predominantly cohesionless soils. The pile top force-time and velocity-time history is applied to the model and the results compared with both dynamic tests using conventional methods and static load test results. The results are mixed; the dynamic results compare well with CAPWAP but other factors suggest that more work needs to be done on the STADYN model.

The conference that this was scheduled to be presented at was cancelled in view of COVID-19, so I created a “voice over PowerPoint” presentation.  You can listen to it here:

It’s also available at ResearchGate.

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Soil Mechanics: Lecture 14, Lateral Earth Pressure

My lecture on Lateral Earth Pressure for my Soil Mechanics course.  Other information about this course is here and the slides this video was based on are here.

I prepared this in response to my institution’s online migration due to the COVID-19 plague.