Soil Mechanics

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Syllabus for Course Spring 2023

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Lecture Course Material:

TopicTextbook PortionsLinks to Videos, Slides and Other Materials
Introduction; Engineering GeologyVerruijt Chapter 1 (print and online); SFH 3.1, 4.1, 4.6Introduction and Rock Mechanics
Soil ClassificationVerruijt Chapter 2 (print and online); SFH 4.2-4.5, 5.1Size Gradation and Soil Classification
Site Exploration and ClassificationVerruijt Chapter 3 (print), 47 (online); SFH Chapter 3, 4.7Site Exploration and Characterisation, Field Exploration Methods (including Boring Video)
Soil CompositionVerruijt Chapter 3 (print and online); SFH 2.1, 5.3Soil Composition
Effective StressVerruijt Chapters 5 and 6 (print,) 4 and 5 (online); SFH 2.2, 2.3, 5.3Effective (Intergranular) Stresses and Capillary Rise
Groundwater IVerruijt Chapters 7-12 (print,) 6-11 (online)Groundwater and Permeability I
Groundwater IIVerruijt Chapters 7-12 (print,) 6-11 (online); SFH 5.6Groundwater and Permeability II
Compaction and Soil ImprovementSFH 5.8Compaction and Soil Improvement
Introduction to Soil Stress StatesVerruijt Chapter 21 (print,) 20 (online); SFH 2.8, Appendix BIntroduction to Soil Stress States
Elastic Solutions to Soil Deflections and StressesVerruijt Chapters 28-31 (print,) 27-30 (online); SFH 2.4, 2.5, 5.9, 8.7Elastic Solutions to Soil Deflections and Stresses
Settlement and Consolidation of SoilsVerruijt Chapters 15-20; SFH 5.4, 8.5.3Settlement and Consolidation of Soils
Shear Strength TheoryVerruijt Chapters 22 and 24-27; SFH 5.5Shear Strength Theory
Stability of Earth SlopesVerruijt Chapters 45-47; SFH 6.0Slope Stability
Lateral Earth PressuresVerruijt Chapters 45-47; SFH 10.2 – 10.4Lateral Earth Pressure
FE Exam ReviewNot an integral part of this course, but most of the prep for the FE exam takes place in itMy Review for the FE Exam Civil/Geotechnical Section

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