Soil Mechanics

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Syllabus (this is a sample syllabus, the official one is on UTC Learn)

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Soil Mechanics Arnold Verruijt
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Soil Mechanics Foundations and Earth Structure NAVFAC DM 7.01 and 7.02
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Lecture Course Material
Subject Lecture Topic Chapters in Verruijt Textbook (print version, online may be different) Chapters in NAVFAC DM 7.01 (default) or DM 7.02 (when noted) Notes and Other Material
1 Introduction; Engineering Geology 1 1.2 Software which presents some basic concepts in soil mechanics
2 Soil Classification 2 1.4
3 Site Exploration and Classification 3 Chapter 2  Boring Video
4 Soil Composition 4 1.3, 3.2
5 Effective Stress 5,6 5.2
6 Groundwater I 7-12 3.3; 6 Computing Pore Water Pressure and Effective Stress in Upward (and Downward) Flow in Soil
7 Groundwater II 7-12 3.3; 6
8 Groundwater III 7-12 3.3; 6
9 Settlement and Volume Expansion 15-20 5.1-5.6 Modified Hough Method Handout
10 Mohr’s Circle and Combined Stresses 21 4.2 Stresses in Soils

Mohr’s Circle Analysis Using Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods w/Online Routine

11 Induced Stresses by External Loads 28-31 4.1-4.3 Graphics for Class Example of Newmark’s Method
12 Shear Strength 22, 24-27 3.5 Spreadsheet Solution for First Two Examples

p-q Diagrams and Mohr-Coulomb Failure (with alternative solution of Example 3)

13 Stability of Earth Slopes 45-47 Chapter 6 Slope Stability Software
14 Lateral Earth Pressures 33-36 DM 7.02 3.2

Other Stuff