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Estimating Load-Deflection Characteristics for the Shaft Resistance of Piles Using Hyperbolic Strain Softening

The latest research from this site is an offshoot of the STADYN project. The abstract is as follows:

Hyperbolic soil modelling and strain softening have become better understood in recent years; however, their application to modelling load-deflection characteristics for the shaft of both bored and driven piles is in the early stages of development. This paper proposes a method that is based strictly on the strain-softening changes in shear modulus that is experienced to varying degrees around the pile shaft. A dimensionless method is proposed which can be transformed to a physical estimate using simple soil parameters.

You can download the paper here or find it on ResearchGate.

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Derivation of Flamant’s Equations for the Elastic Response Under a Line Load

In the last post I showed the derivation of the elastic response of a soil to a point load using Boussinesq theory. This is a common part of elementary Soil Mechanics courses but it is uncommon to see the derivation.

The same situation exists with a line load, the elastic solution usually attributed to Flamant. The solution itself also presented in NAVFAC DM 7.01 and Arnold Verruijt’s Soil Mechanics. The derivation is presented below, and comes from the Manual of the Theory of Elasticity, by V.G. Rekach. Some discussion of similar solutions is in my post Analytical Boussinesq Solutions for Strip, Square and Rectangular Loads and my class presentation is at Soil Mechanics: Elastic Solutions to Soil Deflections and Stresses.

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In Memoriam: GZA Founder Donald T. Goldberg —

His contributions and legacy are reflected in the values of the company he built and the leadership he provided to the industry he loved. President and CEO Patrick Sheehan reflects on Don’s legacy. “It would be […]

In Memoriam: GZA Founder Donald T. Goldberg —

Since 2004 this site has hosted Goldberg’s classic document Lateral Support Systems and Underpinning.

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Our Anniversary, and the Web in the 1990’s

On this day in 1997 this website was started as a GeoCities site.  Wonder what the web was like back then?  This video is a nice quick summary of that time, both this site and the net have come a long way–for better and worse–since that time.  (It also explains what it meant to be a GeoCities site, too.)

Readers of this blog will know that my family goes back a long way visiting the Bahamas in general and the Abaco Islands in particular. We had some exciting times, almost sending our ship to the bottom and riding out a storm. This beautiful paradise, which looked like this when we visited: Now looks like […]

via Appeal for the Abaco Islands, and Mercy Chefs — Chet Aero Marine

Appeal for the Abaco Islands, and Mercy Chefs — Chet Aero Marine