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Soils in Construction (Sixth Edition) Now Available

It’s here a last: Soils in Construction, the Sixth Edition, now available from Waveland Press.

Many of you (and especially those who are familiar with the companion site are aware that I’ve spent much of my career in geotechnical engineering and deep foundations dealing with contractors.  As such I am both sympathetic with their situation and also aware that they need good information to make decisions that can “make or break” a job or their company.  It was for that reason and more that I was very happy to be invited to co-author the Fifth Edition fifteen years ago and to help prepare this revision as well.

Soils in Construction is designed to teach the basics of soil mechanics and foundation design to construction management students and to be a reference for those “in the field.”  It takes a practical approach to the subject, and it also deals with “temporary works” such as dewatering and cantilever sheet pile walls that many design engineers are unfamiliar with.

There will be more resources for this book available, both from Waveland Press and on this site as well; I’ll keep you posted.  Waveland has been great to work with and I appreciate the effort they have put into the book.  But the one person I want to say special thanks to is Lee Schroeder, Professor Emeritus (and former Interim Athletic Director) at Oregon State University.  Eminent in his own right outside of the book (he’s the Schroeder of the Schroeder-Maitland method for cellular cofferdams,) his vision for the original work, his practical and experienced implementation of same, and his graciousness and support in allowing me to be a part of this project are deeply appreciated.

You can order the book (and for you academics, request an evaluation copy) here.



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