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An Updated Version of Our Mohr’s Circle Routine Available, with Documentation

In 2016 we posted (and updated two years later) about two- and three-dimensional Mohr’s Circle problems and their solution using a strictly linear algebra solution.  We’ve done two things recently to update that: we’ve resolved some of the limitations of the original method (especially with the eigenvectors/direction cosines) and we’ve put the routine online for your use.  Both can be accessed here:

  1. Mohr’s Circle and Linear Algebra (the documentation)
  2. Online Routine

Image above from Verruijt, A., and van Bars, S. (2007). Soil Mechanics. VSSD, Delft, the Netherlands.

Update: the online routine is being phased out. You can see this routine in spreadsheet form here, where there is also a link to the updated monograph.


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