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“Locating and quantifying necking in piles through numerical simulation of PIT” cites my paper “Comparison of Numerical Methods to Closed Form Solution for Wave Equation Analysis of Piling”

This recent paper, authored by Tarek Salem, Atef Eraky and Abdallah Almosallamy, was published in Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale. You can obtain the paper here but the gist of it can be found in the preprint, which can be found here.

My original paper was a derivative of my master’s thesis Closed Form Solution of the Wave Equation for Piles. The paper cited can be downloaded here.

The paper states that I used three methods of prediction for wave propagation in piles (WEAP, ANSYS and the closed form solution via MAPLE) to obtain the solution. Although all three of these and more cannot be applied to all solutions, the idea that we can use a variety of software to solve this problem was an important point of the original research, and I hope that this idea will continue to be pursued.

Note on the graphic at the top: it is one of the figures in my original paper, reconstructed in colour from the original CAD drawing. Many of the graphics in my thesis and my paper were done in CAD; we’ve come a long way in computer graphics.


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