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TAMWAVE 2021 Update

Getting ready for another semester of Foundations comes with a minor update to the TAMWAVE driven pile analyser, which includes axial and lateral settlement analysis and wave equation analysis of pile driving. The last major revision was in 2017 and details about that are here. The revisions this time are as follows:

  • Initial pile length reduced to 50′, and initial phreatic surface depth reduced to 25′.
  • H-Piles excluded from toe plugging.
  • Strain softening coefficient for soil shear modulus increased for more realistic values.
  • Toe quake for cohesive soils set to more conventional values, as Tomlinson’s method was used to compute Nq.
  • Added Davisson’s Method line for evaluation of virtual pile load test, and flipped the graph to more realistically simulate actual load-settlement curves. (See above for the new format.)
  • Marked the target SRD value differently to make it easier to see.

This will probably be the last update to the routine, which first went online in 2005. We hope that you find it useful.


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