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Concrete Pile Head Response to Impact

Our newest research item is this one, which is an expansion of the work with steel piles earlier this year. Abstract is as follows:

The application of semi-infinite pile theory to the behaviour of driven piles has been studied since Parola (1970). Most of the effort, however, has been concentrated on piles which do not require a cushion between the pile head and the pile driving accessory, such as steel piles. Concrete piles, on the other hand, are generally driven with this additional cushion. In this paper the same type of semi-infinite type of analysis is applied to this problem. Both the case of a rigid pile head and a pile head which responds without reflection from the pile are studied using both closed-form and numerical solutions. Two case histories are included which illustrate the application of the method, along with parametric studies of both pile head conditions.

You can download the paper here, or go to Researchgate to do so.


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