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What Splash Lubrication Looks Like in Vibratory Hammers

Vibratory pile driving equipment has been used for many years for the construction of sheet pile and soldier walls and, in some cases, bearing foundations.  Most vibratory hammers built in the U.S. use a “splash” form of lubrication, where the rotation of the gears basically throws the oil around the inside of the case, reaching (hopefully) the bearings as well as the gears.

The XFlow CFD package recently rendered this depiction of both the flow and heat transfer of oil inside the case, which gives you an idea of what this really looks like:

Many American vibratory hammers used larger teeth than shown here, but Vulcan developed a vibratory using smaller teeth and a one-piece gear-eccentric design, and the teeth are comparable in side to what’s shown here.

HT Pointwise.


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