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Another Featured Student: Ogheneruona Uwusiaba

My institution has featured yet another one of my students who graduated last month, Ogheneruona Uwusiaba, from Nigeria.

“Ruona” (as we called her) was a very diligent student, and took all of the classes I taught (Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory.) To be a student athlete, mother, engineering student and graduate Magna Cum Laude takes a special type of person, and Ruona is that.

She mentioned her senior design project for African housing. Another one of her teammates was Arielle Scalioni, who was featured here.

This website–and by extension my teaching–goes around the world to the extent that more visits come from outside the U.S. than inside. Sometimes though the world comes to my classroom, and Ruona was a part of that.


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