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Tribute to Harry M. Coyle

It is with sadness that we report the death of Dr. Harry M. Coyle, professor of civil engineering at Texas A&M University from 1964 to 1987, back in January.  You can read the entire obituary here.

For those of us involved in deep foundations, his name is a familiar one, and his monographs have graced this site and its companion,, for many years.  Among other things he is known for the Coyle and Castello method for estimating pile capacity in sand, the Coyle and Gibson method for determining damping for pile dynamics analysis, and the co-developer of the PX4C3 routine for axial load-settlement estimation, which we feature on this site, and which is the ancestor of many of those in use today.  He was deeply involved in the development of the TTI wave equation program, and some of his work relating to that is here.

Our continued condolences and prayers go to his family, and, as the obituary states, “Having loved his friends and family well, Harry Coyle will be missed by all until we are reunited with him in Glory. “


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