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Program AXILTR Now Available

Bearing Capacity and Settlement, a reprint

Last week we posted an update to the program VDISPL, which estimates vertical displacements/settlement for shallow foundations.  Now we feature another program from our Bearing Capacity and Settlement volume, namely AXILTR.

Program AXILTR, AXIal Load-TRansfeR, consists of a main routine and two subroutines. The main routine feeds in the input data, calculates the effective overburden stress, and determines whether the load is axial down-directed, pullout, or if uplift/downdrag forces develop from swelling or consolidating soil. The main routine also prints out the computations. Subroutine BASEL calculates the displacement at the base for given applied down-directed loads at the base. Subroutine SHAFL evaluates the load transferred to and from the shaft for relative displacements between the shaft and soil. An iteration scheme is used to cause the calculated applied loads at the top (butt) to converge within 10 percent of the input load applied at the top of the shaft.

The program is designed to run exactly as shown in Bearing Capacity and Settlement, and you can find complete documentation there, as well as the program download.

As was the case with VDISPL, the program was written by Lawrence D. Johnson at the Waterways Experiment Station.

Download AXILTR

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