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Tuesday, December 04 2007 Marine and Airport CD Library Now Available
The complete reference library for marine, coastal and airport design is now available. Complete with many documents from the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, including some not found on or The documents in this indispensable reference are:

  • A Single-Point Mooring System for Direct Pumpout of Hopper Dredges
  • Aids to Navigation Seamanship
  • Aids to Navigation Structures
  • Aids to Navigation Visual Signal Design Manual
  • Aids to Navigation: Coatings and Colors Manual
  • Aids to Navigation: Lighthouse Maintenance Management Manual
  • Aids to Navigation: Positioning
  • Aids to Navigation: Radionavigation
  • Aids to Navigation: Short Range Aids to Navigation
  • Aids to Navigation: Tower Manual
  • Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design
  • Airfield Damager Repair (Draft)
  • Airfield Flexible Pavement
  • Airfield Pavement Evaluation
  • Airfield Rigid Pavement
  • Bride Lighting and Other Signals
  • Cathodic Protection Systems for Civil Works Structures
  • Chart #1: Nautical Chart Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms
  • Coastal Engineering Manual
  • Coastal Sedimentation and Dredging
  • Conventional Underwater Repair Techniques
  • Corrosion Control
  • Design of Aggregate Surfaced Roads and Airfield
  • Design of Coastal Revetments, Seawalls and Bulkheads
  • Design: Aviation Operation and Support Facilities
  • Design: Dockside Utilities for Ship Service
  • Design: Electrical Engineering Cathodic Protection
  • Design: Graving Drydocks
  • Design: Moorings
  • Design: Petroleum Fuel Facilities
  • Design: Piers and Wharves
  • Dredging Equipment
  • Drydocking Facilities
  • Drydocking Facilities and Characteristics
  • Dust Control for Roads, Airfields and Adjacent Areas
  • Electrical Engineering Cathodic Protection
  • Engineering and Design of Military Ports
  • Engineering for Prefabricated Construction of Navigation Projects
  • Engineering Weather Data
  • Environmental Engineering for Coastal Shore Protection
  • Environmental Engineering for Deep-Draft Navigation Projects
  • Environmental Engineering for Flood Control Channels
  • Environmental Engineering for Small Boat Basins
  • Fixed Moorings
  • Fleet Moorings
  • Graving Drydocks
  • Guidelines for Marina Berthing Facilities
  • Harbors
  • Heraldry
  • Hyperbaric Facilities
  • Inspection of Mooring Hardware
  • Inspection of Shore Facilities
  • Maintenance and Operation: Maintenance of Waterfront Facilities
  • Maintenance of Fender Systems and Camels
  • Maintenance of Waterfront Facilities
  • Military Harbors and Coastal Facilities
  • Mooring Design
  • Mooring Design Physical and Empirical Data
  • Mooring Maintenance Manual
  • National Aids to Navigation and Chart Updating Study Guide
  • NSTM Chapter 096 � Weights and Stability
  • Operation and Maintenance: Asphalt Crack Repair
  • Operation and Maintenance: Asphalt Maintenance and Repair
  • Operation and Maintenance: Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Operation and Maintenance: Concrete Crack and Partial-Depth Spall Repair
  • Operation and Maintenance: Concrete Repair
  • Operation and Maintenance: Paver Asphalt Surfaced Airfields Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • Operation and Maintenance: Paver Concrete Surfaced Airfield Pavement Condition Index
  • Pavement Design for Airfields
  • Piers and Wharfs
  • Planning and Design of Roads, Airfield and Heliports in the Theater of Operations�Road Design
  • Planning and Design of Roads, Airfield and Heliports in the Theater of Operations�Airfield and Heliport Design
  • Procedures for US Army and US Air Force Airfield Pavement Condition Surveys
  • Protective Paints and Coatings
  • River Hydraulics
  • Seawalls, Bulkheads and Quaywalls
  • Ship Dynamics
  • Ship Resistance and Propulsion
  • Spar Buoy and Mooring Design (Preliminary Draft Report)
  • Specialized Underwater Facilities Inspections
  • Surface Drainage Facilities for Airfield and Heliports
  • Tidal Hydraulics
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual
  • Visual Air Navigation Facilities
  • Welding Materials Handbook
  • Welding: Design, Procedures and Inspection
  • Wire Rope Selection Criteria for Gate Operating Devices

Click here to order.


Thursday, November 01 2007

WEAP87 with Vista, SPILE Bundle and the Internal Pile Hammer
We have had inquiries about running WEAP87 under Microsoft Vista. Click here for more information on this subject.

Also, as a matter of convenience, we have combined the download of WEAP87 and SPILE into one file, since the two programs can be used in conjunction with each other. The download and information about it can be found here.

Finally, information about Vulcan’s Internal Pile Hammer, which was an attempt to eliminate the leaders for offshore steam hammers, is now online.


Saturday, October 20 2007

Two New Documents, and a Fistful of Yuan
We have two new documents to announce:

  • Shallow Foundations, at our Shallow Foundations and Slope Stability page. This document features the Hough method for computing settlements on cohesionless soils. The method has gone from one no one has heard of to AASHTO standard, so it’s probably a good idea to check it out.
  • Dynamic Bridge Substructure Evaluation and Monitoring, at our Soil Dynamics page.

We also have a net series on our companion site, A Fistful of Yuan: Vulcan in China, 1981-1983. Click on the graphic below to go there.


Tuesday, October 09 2007

Fixed End Method for Analysis of Anchored Sheet Pile Walls Using the Elastic Line Method
This is a new paper–and interactive computer routine for academic use–that is featured on our Soils in Construction page. Abstract is below:


The fixed end method used for the design of anchored sheet pile walls has been used with success since before World War II; however, computational limitations have forced designers to use simplifications such Hermann Blum developed. The original method called for the use of an �elastic line� solution, where the penetration of the sheet piling below the excavation line was estimated using statically indeterminate beam theory. This paper develops the governing equations for the �elastic line� method for a simple case and presents the solution in two ways: parametrically using charts, and for specific cases using an online computer algorithm. Comparison with other solution techniques is presented, and suggestions for broader applications are made. The adjustment of the penetration for the residual toe load is also discussed, and the limitations of current practice in this adjustment are detailed.


Sunday, October 07 2007

Three New Documents on Two Sites, and a Passing Noted
We have three new documents to note.

On, we have the following:

  • A Laboratory and Field Study of Composite Piles for Bridge Substructures, found at our Books for Driven Piles page.
  • Seismic Structural Considerations for the Stem and Base of Retaining Walls Subjected to Earthquake Ground Motions, at our Retaining Walls page.

On, we also have a new document, the field service manual for the Vulcor/Uraga Vibratory Hammers, at the Vibratory Hammers page.

We should also note that much of the information on vibratory hammers has been relocated to this page, most notably the lengthy excerpt of Vibro-Engineering and the Technology of Piling and Boring Work by Mikhail Grigorevich (M.G.) Tseitlin, Vladimir Vladimirovich (V.V.) Verstov and Gennady Grigorevich (G.G.) Azbel.

Finally we should mention the passing of John C. Stophel, who was senior partner in the law firm that handled most of Vulcan’s legal work from the late 1970’s until Vulcan’s merger in 1996. John’s advice and counsel went beyond purely legal considerations and was valuable to those of us in Vulcan’s management, and he will be missed.


Monday, October 01 2007

Two Very Important Announcements About Pile Buck and
I have two very important announcements.

First, my association with Pile Buck has ended after seven years as its Editor. My two Pile Buck books are available in the immediate future; you can still obtain them by clicking on the links below:

Second, I am in the process of separating the Vulcan Iron Works related content on this site into a new website, This should help focus the content of both sites on their respective missions.

  • will continue to offer geotechnical and marine engineering documents and software, along with its academic content
  • will concentrate on the material relating to Vulcan Iron Works Inc., both the company and the pile driving equipment it manufactured

I want to thank you for your support of this site and the products we offer.


Friday, September 14 2007

An Anecdote about Charlie Guild and D. James Kennedy
A few of you who visit this site will remember Charlie Guild, the innovative developer of the resonant vibratory hammer and the Guild Mandrel.

This is a story of an encounter he had with the well known South Florida pastor D. James Kennedy, who was buried yesterday.


Monday, September 03 2007

Three New Documents on Retaining Walls
These are as follows:

Methods Used in Tieback Wall Design and Construction to Prevent Local Anchor Failure, Progressive Anchorage Failure, and Ground Mass Stability Failure

  • Simplified Procedures for the Design of Tall, Flexible Anchored Tieback Walls
  • Simplified Procedures for the Design of Tall, Stiff Tieback Walls

All of these are found in our Retaining Walls page.


Saturday, August 18 2007

Two New Documents, and Three Updates
For our geotechnical offerings, we have two documents which are new to the site:

Deep Foundations

  • Grouting Methods and Equipment

Deep Foundations has been around for a while, but has not been in pdf circulation because the government has struggled with font problems with the equations. It remains an excellent overview of the subject, with information not readily available elsewhere.
We also have three updated (better renumbered) documents:
Foundations in Expansive Soils

  • Backfill for Subsurface Structures
  • Engineering Use of Geotextiles

All of these are found in our Geotechnical downloads.


Friday, August 03 2007

New Documents and a New Gadget
As the academic year in North America looms, we have a number of new documents.

Beyond that, it’s interesting to look at the engineering applications of a new gadget appearing on campus this fall, namely the iPhone.

Let,s first look at pile analysis (static and dynamic, axial and lateral) on the iPhone.


It takes a little dexterity with the virtual keyboard, but you can enter all of the data and run all of the analyses from the iPhone. This is because the routine for this–found here–is mostly server side, so all it takes is the ability to see (and record, which the iPhone is a little short on) results.
Here we see something very retro: our HP-35 calculator simulator running on the iPhone. This is a client side (JavaScript) routine, so the computational power here is on the iPhone itself. If the iPhone were a little larger, it would be really good, but the touch screen comes one step closer to replicating punching the buttons on the HP-35.


Sunday, July 01 2007

Ten Years of
Today is the tenth anniversary of this site. There is a piece on a companion site that outlines the history and reflects on some of the purposes of

As always, there are new documents:

  • Design and Construction of Levees
  • Modeling Embankment Induced Lateral Loads on Deep Foundations (online slide show)
  • FHWA Driven Pile Guidelines

These are found in our download section.

September 2004
New Downloads, an online wave equation program, and a Marine Section

We have added so much to the site, it’s hard to know where to start:

New Documents

Online Wave Equation Program

We have an online, academic version of the wave equation for piles. To our knowledge, this is the first time this has been presented on the Internet. We have offered DOS wave equation programs for free download for many years, but DOS becomes more problematic all the time so we now present this. Click here to take a look.

July-August 2004
Vulcan Vibratory Hammers Now Featured
An Anniversary–and a word about our new ads

We now have a section on Vulcan vibratory hammers, complete with a field service manual. Click here for more information.

July is the seventh anniversary of The Wave Equation for Piling, which has morphed over the years into this page. When we started, we were hosted by GeoCities, and those of you who remember those days remember the banner ads, our disclaimers, our impossible URL, etc. You also probably remember how slow the page was; part of that was all of the bandwidth it took to load the ads!

Most of these ads had nothing to do with our mission. Two years after its inaguration, we moved the site to paid, virtual hosting and financed the expenses of site maintenance ourselves.

Today is a leading site for information on deep foundations and geotechnical engineering. In the meanwhile, the technology for providing appropriate advertisements to sites such as ours has improved to the point where we feel we can help to defray the costs of this site with them. Our mission is and will continue to be to offer free software and other geotechnical information to help you in your role in the design and construction of deep foundations, one made harder all the time by the increasing scarcity of new free software. Our hope is that these advertisements will help us make this possible, as they did in the beginning.

May-June 2004
New Geotechnical Books to be Released

While we’ve been adding features to this page, we have also been working on more books for you. Two titles are coming up soon:

  • Pile Driving by Pile Buck, a complete reference on pile driving and driven piles.
  • Sheet Pile Design by Pile Buck, the comprehensive guide to the design of sheet pile walls.

Click on the titles for more information.

Also, we noticed that the Pile Driving Contractors Association is now putting out Acrobat presentations on driven piles. Visitors to have been seeing this kind of material on driven piles and virtually anything else geotechnical for the last two years! Click here to see what we have to offer.

March-April 2004
WinTopo Raster-to-Vector Conversion Program
Google Searches Now Available

It has been a long time since we have added a “general purpose” engineering program, but WinTopo is one of the best of any kind we have seen. Converting archives of hand drawings to CAD is a major challenge for many engineers and this program is a big help. It may even be what your commercial service is using! Click here to visit its download page.

We have also done something else–our site search capability, always popular, is now handled by Google. This will improve its flexibility and accuracy. Look at the bottom of every page.

January-February 2004
FHWA Driven Pile Manual Available

We have updated our driven pile material in a major way with the inclusion of FHWA HI 97-013, Design and Construction of Driven Pile Foundations. Click here to download this.

We also now have available the COM624P program for the analysis of laterally loaded piles. Click here to go there and obtain this program.

November-December 2003
Finally! Vulcan: The Offshore Experience

index-page-logo It took long enough, but we finally have the chronicle in pictures and words of Vulcan’s offshore adventure. Click here to see what we have. This is the first major original project relating to Vulcan we have done in a long time; we believe it’s worth the wait.

We also have a new article by our regular contributor, Mark Svinkin, entitled “Drawbacks of Blast Vibration Regulations.” Click here to download it. Thanks to Dr. Svinkin, we have a very complete resource of information on ground vibrations with few peers online; click here to look at abstracts of all of these articles.

September-October 2003
Retaining Walls and Lateral Earth Pressures–and a Tribute

We have an entirely new section of downloads on retaining walls and lateral earth pressures. Click here to see what we have to offer.

We were also saddened by the recent death of Dr. Michael O’Neill of the University of Houston, who was one of the giants of geotechnical engineering and a great person as well. Click here for tributes by many in the geotechnical community to Dr. O’Neill, including those of this webmaster and our regular contributor, Mark Svinkin.

July-August 2003
Soils in Construction

The textbook Soils in Construction — co-authored by this webmaster — is going to press. This is a basic work, aimed at construction technology specialists, teaching soil mechanics and how they apply to construction processes. Click here for our new page on this exciting product.

May-June 2003
A New Download and Other Things

We have a new download for you — LLP99, which analyzes the lateral loading of piles. This is our first new program in some time — click here to download it.

Also, we have completely redesigned the website of the Church of God Chaplains Commission, a long time friend. With the recent events in Iraq and elsewhere, chaplaincy has found itself in the center of the news. Click here to see what’s going on.

March-April 2003
Soil Mechanics — A Free Textbook at Last

We are pleased to have as our latest offering the soil mechanics textbook Soil Mechanics by Arnold Verruijt of the University of Delft in the Netherlands. Don’t be deceived by the price though — this is a world class textbook with materials not found in many other published paper books. Click here to download.

We are also pleased to announce that one of our long term clients, the Church of God Evangelism and Home Missions Department, has a newly revised site at Take a look.

January-February 2003
New Year, New Things at

The new year brings a new and updated look to our site. We hope you like what you see. We plan to have new downloads and information on the history and product of Vulcan Iron Works in 2003.

November – December 2002
A Companion Site Relaunched

Our companion site since 1997, The Pentecostal Layman’s Page, is now relaunched as Positive Infinity. Stop by and take a look.

Also, this site is now authored by Adobe GoLive, as our most of the sites we maintain. If in the transition things get a little “messy” let us know and we’ll try to take care of it as soon as possible.

May God richly bless you all during this holiday season and in the new year 2003.

September – October 2002
Soils and Foundations Courses Complete

Our materials for soil mechanics and foundations courses online are complete. You can click here to view these materials. We believe that these resources will be helpful to you.

July – August 2002
Vulcan’s Centennial Celebration

It took long enough but we now have the Centennial Celebration banquet in photos and words. Click here to see it.

We also have a new paper from Dr. Mark Svinkin, “Engineering Judgment in Determination of Pile Capacity by Dynamic Methods.” The lack of proper judgment in the application of dynamic methods has been a source of difficulty for these methods, but that’s no reason to discard them.

May-June 2002
Vulcan at OTC

Relive the nearly thirty years of Vulcan representation at the offshore oil industry’s premier trade show — and cultural event — the Offshore Technology Conference. Click here to see the show.

Also, we launch a page where we feature the services that we offer. Click here to take a look.

March-April 2002
“Online Soils and Foundations Course”

Ever wonder what an academic course would look like if an equipment person taught it? You can find out for yourself. The webmaster has completed teaching Soil Mechanics and Foundations at a major university and slide show presentations from his classes are available for viewing. Click here to view this material.

February 2002
Vulcan Vibratory Hammer Items to be Sold

As a result of a debt collection judgment, products related to the Vulcan vibratory hammer line are being sold to the highest bidder. The legal notice for this is as follows:

On the 25th day of February 2002 (10:00 a.m.), I will sell for cash to the highest bidder, within the legal hours of sale, at Atco Machine Company, Inc., 1800 Market Street, in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, the following described property:

  • 1 Power Pack, 1400 3208 Cat Engine, HH-2960, HH-2945
  • 1 Power Pack, 1150 471 Detroit Engine, IB-3525, IB-3596
  • 1 Power Pack, 4600-A, 8 Cyl. Detroit Engine, ID-3895, IC-3966
  • 1 Detroit Diesel, 471 Engine, 04A0287610

Levied on the property of Vulcan Iron Works Inc. (Defendant) to satisfy a judgment which Atco Machine Co., Inc., obtained against said defendant before Chancery Court on the 27th day of August 2001.

This 28th day of January 2002.

B.H. Mumpower, #1885, Deputy Sheriff, Hamilton County Tennessee

This is the entire legal notice. We’d like to note the following:

  • Although the first three items are listed as “power pack,” the existence of two serial numbers may indicate the exciter is available also. To confirm this and other details concerning the sale of these items, you should call Bob Atchley at Atco Machine at (423) 267-2162.
  • This notice is reproduced subject to the fine print provisions of this website; we are not participants in this sale, and are reproducing this only for information. The “Vulcan Iron Works Inc.” listed above is the Tennessee corporation; the Illinois corporation ceased to exist in 1996.

January 2002
150 Years of Vulcan

It’s true — Henry Warrington established Vulcan in 1852. Although the corporation has gone through many changes over the years, the pile driving equipment — which was introduced “only” in 1887 — is still going strong. This year we plan several features on the history of the company and the product.

We also welcome a new addition to the family of websites: Church of God Cross-Cultural Ministries. Stop by and see their site. This is our first site using Adobe GoLive, and we hope the first of many.

November-December 2001

We are excited to have two new pages on our site for you:

Vulcan at War: a look at Vulcan’s contribution (on the propaganda front at least) during World War II.
Florida Executive Office: a look at Vulcan’s West Palm Beach office. Vulcan was directed from there from 1966 to 1978.

We also now have two new downloads:

Florida DOT’s Soils and Foundations Handbook, which is a practical and thorough guide to geotechnical planning and construction.
Slope-W Student Edition, an excellent program for the analysis of unsupported slopes.

October 2001

Like most people, the events of 11 September 2001 at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have left us speechless. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of those who were directly touched by these tragedies. Our prayers also go to the leaders of the U.S. and its allies that they will have wisdom in the response.

One of our sites has an eyewitness account by someone who was in the Pentagon when the plane struck. Click here to read this account; it is found at the Church of God Chaplain’s Commission website. These times have been a challenge for chaplains of all kinds and this site features many stores relating to these tragedies.

September 2001
It’s Official: We maintain the official Vulcan site too

It’s finally a done deal: the domain name is now owned by Vulcan Foundation Equipment, the IHC subsidiary which acquired the Vulcan air/steam hammer line earlier this year. Come and check out their new site by clicking here.

We have two other news items of interest this month:

We now feature the Academic Resource Page, where students and teachers of soil mechanics and foundations can access information on these subjects.
The Pentecostal Layman’s Page celebrated it’s fourth anniversary in August. This page is the first ministry page in our family.

July 2001:
Four Years of the Wave Equation Page

This month we are celebrating four years of the Wave Equation Page for Piling, the informational forum for wave propagation in piles during installation. We have more to offer than ever; click here to see what’s new.

Also Church of God East Flatbush has joined the family of web sites maintained by the webmaster. Let us know if we can help you with your web design requirements.

June 2001:
Looking for Something? Now You Can Search!

Our purpose at is to furnish information. Our site and the Wave Equation Page are so large that they really begged for a search engine. Now we have one; click here to visit our search engine.

Like What You See? We Can Help Your Site Too!

Although is not a manufacturer, we can help you with your Internet web site needs. Our goal is to build practical sites that look good without doing permanent damage to your bottom line. Click here to contact us about this. If you like, you can view some of the other sites we have developed by clicking on them below:

May 2001: is now

In keeping with our position as an information site about Vulcan products, we are changing our primary domain name from to You can visit us using either one in the immediate future.

Wave Equation Page and GeoCities:
Enough is Enough

Since its beginning, the Wave Equation Page for Piling has been on the GeoCities (now Yahoo! GeoCities) free web hosting service. For most of that time the purposes of the Page have been well served there. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to any free hosting service, including generally slower server speeds, limited web space, and of course the ads. We have stuck with GeoCities, however, because many people are linked to the URL.

Parts of the Wave Equation Page site have been with this site for some time; however, the need for additional space, and the recent problems with downloads from GeoCities, have forced a change. Therefore, the entire site is being relocated here and the GeoCities site will eventually be phased out.

Our New Host: WinHost

If you’re viewing this page, you’ve received it from our new hosting service, WinHost. We are excited too as we plan to add a great deal more material to this site to make it useful for you.

March 2001:
Vulcan Air-Steam Line Acquired

The Vulcan air/steam line, the mainstay of the Vulcan product line since its inception in the late 1880’s, has been sold to the Vulcan Foundation Equipment, an organization formed to both manufacture and market the product along with other construction equipment.

The product line had been carried previously by Vulcan Iron Works Inc., a part of the Cari family of companies based in New Orleans, LA. This corporation was the successor to the Vulcan Iron Works that was owned by the Warrington family from 1852 to 1996. The fate of the vibratory product line is uncertain at this point.

How does this impact This site — — is dedicated to the dissemination of information on Vulcan hammers and the company — or in reality the companies, now the third — that manufactured them in the past or does so now. It has never been nor is now the objective of this site to deal in equipment or parts, although if we can help a Vulcan user to find either or both we will.

However, for the first time an “owner” of the Vulcan hammer line is neither the corporation my family owned nor its successor. To our mind this puts our role in a new light. In the coming days we plan to expand our historical emphasis on both the product and the company, since information here may be available nowhere else. We also plan to include more information on Vulcan’s vibratory hammers since future support of this product line is unknown.

We want to thank all of you who visit our site and look forward to seeing you again soon.


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